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Caroline Deane

Caroline Deane, Pastels on paper. Courtesy of the artist.

Caroline Deane is a London-based contemporary artist specialising in oils, pastels, Chinese ink and mixed media. Most of her work takes inspiration from Chinese art and philosophy. Her work has been exhibited extensively in London’s West End and in China.

On 19 July 2023, 'Sacred Truths: An Interactive Calligraphy Workshop with Qu Leilei and Caroline Deane' took place at SOAS Brunei Gallery. This interactive event mobilises the art of Chinese calligraphy to pierce the entire toxic system of misinformation of our time. Turning audiences into artists, this workshop has resulted in a large-scale, collaborative calligraphy artwork, which is now in the collection of Small Gallery.

interatice calligraphy workshop

Caroline Deane and Qu Leilei at 'Sacred Truths: An Interactive Calligraphy Workshop' at SOAS Brunei Gallery, 19 July 2023. Photo by Jiaqi Zhang

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