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Seph Li


Seph Li, Phase, 2022. Interactive installation. Courtesy of the artist.

Born in Beijing in 1988, Seph Li has a mixed background in technology and design, and his keen interest in interactive art works led him into the field of media arts. Seph has studied Computer Science and Entertainment Design in Tsinghua University and continued his M.F.A. study in Design | Media Arts at UCLA. 

Seph instances technology to create poetic interactive experience within defined systems. He searches for dynamic equilibriums in nature and re-imagines them into interactive systems through digital technology. Dynamic fluids, flocking fishes, and physics hypothesis are some of the concepts that serves as an entry point for Seph's abstract artworks. In his interactive systems, the artist defines the rule, the content is co-created by algorithmic code and visitors interactions. 

Seph currently resides in London, United Kingdom.


Everything Before, Everything After, 2023,  interactive installation.jpg

Seph Li, Cosmos, 2014, installation. Courtesy of the artist.

Seph Li, Everything Before, Everything After, 2023, interactive installation. Courtesy of the artist.

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