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Current Exhibition

Zhang Chi: Extra(Ordinary) 

13 April – 18 August 2024

Visit by appointment only

With a diverse body of work spanning watercolour landscapes, sculpture and Chinese calligraphy, Zhang Chi’s art practice carries with it a sense of incompleteness and shows us that the most extraordinary details paradoxically emerge in the ordinary. A cloud, a cup of afternoon tea and a street corner: these quotidian, seemingly insignificant fragments of everyday life are elevated into something transcendent, whispering to us. 


For this exhibition, calligraphic imagination takes root in the most unexpected corners of Small Gallery: a glass window, a shower screen, a roll of toilet paper, or a light bulb. These experiments put into play the relations between visibility and invisibility, between exhibition and non-exhibition spaces, and between art creation and curation. 

flyer_Zhang Chi exhibition.jpg

Zhang Chi: Extra(Ordinary), installation view.

Current exhibition


Past Exhibition

Lisa Chang Lee: Wind Dwellers

15 December 2023– 15 March 2024

Visit by appointment only

Taking inspiration from the wind chimes on the doorstep of Small Gallery, Lisa Chang Lee brings to this site-specific exhibition a set of newly commissioned, hand-painted bronze sculptures of birch tree leaves. Also on display is her 2023 remix of the audiovisual installation Serenade of the Woods. Evoking the 'wind in the trees' effect that fascinates audiences of early cinema, the work explores the ways in which a sense of contingency co-exists with audiovisual media of reproducibility.

Lisa Chang Lee solo exhibition_Poster.jpeg

Lisa Chang Lee: Wind Dwellers, solo exhibition, installation views.

Lisa Chang Lee solo at Small Gallery_installation view1
space of small gallery2
Lisa solo exhibition at Small Gallery_installation view
space of small gallery 3
space of small gallery 4

Lisa Chang Lee: Wind Dwellers, installation view.

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