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Chi Zhang

The Place Promised in Our Early Days_2022.jpg

Chi Zhang, The Place Promised in our Early Days,  2022. 11 cm x 18 cm.

Watercolor and gouache on paper. Courtesy of the artist.

Zhang Chi headshot.jpeg

Chi Zhang is a Scotland-based political scientist and artist. She is particularly intrigued by the artistic forms of political communication. 

Chi Zhang has been trained as a calligraphy artist since her early childhood. The dance of the brush and lines resonated with her analytical mind throughout her doctoral education in the UK. During her time as a doctoral student, she also completed short courses at the Royal Academy of Art and Leeds Arts University (formerly known as Leeds College of Art). She became addicted to watercolour where her creativity found a medium to express itself. Her work captures the fleeting moments of serendipity, to converse with the ephemeral using each stroke and wash of colour, to discern the extraordinary within the ordinary. Employing a deliberately restrained palette, she seeks to distil her emotions in a quiet celebration of solitude. 

Chi Zhang is currently an associate lecturer at the University of St Andrews.


Current Exhibition

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